Armani the Paso Fino

Miss Armani came to The Healing Barn in August of 2009 along with 4 other Paso Fino horses that were confiscated from the previous owners.  Armani was extremely thin when we picked her up, and also had an infection with puss pockets all over her right cheek and girth area.

When we talked with the veterinarian who examined her, he thought the infection was due to laying in the mud and dirt for long periods of time.  She as well as the others were very weak from the lack of nutrition and water.

Thankfully enough with a bit of proper nutrition and the help of Hilton Herbs Phytobalm cream she quickly overcame the infection and began to gain weight!  Armani really came out of her shell and showed her playful personality about 3-4 days after arriving at The Healing Barn, she won everyone’s hearts on the farm!

Fast forward to summer 2011 and Armani started her 60 days in training.  While she could be a bit of a pistol at first, she really evolved into a nice little mare!  After her initial 60 days of training, Armani continued her training with 1 session a week in riding and being handled every day.

It is now March 2012 and we are very happy to announce Miss Armani is going to her very own loving and forever home!  A woman, Karen, came to meet Armani March 9 and absolutely fell in love with her!  Karen has adopted Armani and is looking forward to continuing Armani’s training with a Paso Fino trainer and trail riding with friends this summer!

It is also very exciting to announce that Armani will receive training to become a certified mounted patrol horse over the next year or so.  We are very excited for Armani to start a new chapter in her life!!


If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a rescue horse please email us at for our available horses.  Finding good forever homes for our current rescues is what allows us to help other horses in need!

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