About Us

We (Corri, Nancy and Allen) started The Healing Barn in 1995. We had a three stall barn and 3 acres of turn out. The intention was to get one horse for Corri, whom at the time was 11 years old. Immediately someone called and said, “I have a horse that needs be ridden. He is 4 years old and green broke. He is free, BUT you also have to take his 32 year old mother. At almost the same time the horse we had been looking at (safe, quiet, broke, etc.) came up for sale. So now instead of 1 horse we had 3 horses.

See how easily 1 turns into 3, now 3 has turned into 13 and now 21 or more at any given time. Over the years we have taken in horses who have been abused, neglected or unwanted.  We also work very closely with our local Humane Societies to ensure equine animals in our area are taken care, we often times foster equine animals the humane society takes in until they are adopted into permanent homes.  Our ultimate goal is to mentally and physically rehab our rescues and find them loving forever homes; however there are cases that have been treated beyond imagination and others who require extensive treatments for the rest of their days.

For the horses we have rescued but find it is best for them to stay in our care we offer sponsorships.  With a sponsorship you are donating to a specific horse and their daily needs.  In some cases our rescues treatments alone are over $1000 a year, this does not include their normal every day needs like food, bedding, farrier, veterinary, or care.  You can find horses available for sponsorship under our Sponsor a Horse area!

After working with these needy animals for quite some time, The Healing Barn noticed the bond the rescues made with people.  This unique bond is what led us to start doing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and our interactive programs with women and children.  The Healing Barn works very closely with the Prosecutors office to help reach out to Abused Women and Children, educational Saturday mornings to teach our younger generation about proper nutrition and care of animals, as well as hosting Girls Scout and school field trips.

The Healing Barn’s ultimate goal is to help rescue the equine friends in need while still reaching out to our community to help educate people about proper animal nutrition and care.